Your one-stop incubator for bespoke

organic alcoholic drinks.

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Hand-raising creations

for cultivated tastes.

Liquid Labs is a one-stop incubator for the next generation of bespoke organic alcoholic drinks.

Bring your one-of-a-kind organic spirits creations to life

Bring us your vision, and we have the world-first cold-distillation technology and expertise to take it from inception to market in less than 5 months. Recipe refinement to brand launch – your first 1,000 bottles or first million – we’re with you every drop. 

Our promise

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    High-tech meets hand-crafted

    At our purpose-built facility, your bespoke liquor creation begins with the highest quality organic ingredients. Then, via our state-of-the-art automated processes we achieve absolute control over every flavour parameter – using a fraction of the energy of traditional pot distillers.

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    One trusted partner, from recipe to rollout

    From flavour profile to bottle creation, production to brand launch – you only deal with us. That means no middle people, no mix ups, no running across town, nothing watered down. Just one trusted partner, one timeline, and one point of contact through every step.

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    Scale up as your spirit takes flight

    Short run of 1,000 bottles? No problem. We don’t limit your ambitions by minimum order quantities. Runaway cocktail hit of the summer? Even better. We have capacity to produce up to 3 million bottles a year. So as your dreams take flight, we ascend alongside you.

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    Designed, refined, released in as little as 5 months

    We’ve spent years refining and certifying our hyper-efficient plant and processes, so you don’t have to. With 100% renewable energy powering our plant, you get up to 1,500 bottles per hour with almost zero waste – and precise flavour profiling from first bottle to last.

Being hyper-efficient means we enjoy being hyper-transparent

High-quality organic ingredients & hyper-efficient processes means we produce premium spirits using a fraction of the energy (0.3kWh per L) of traditional pot still distilling (3kWh per L). All while producing almost zero waste. Here’s how our sustainability credentials stack up.

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Bringing early-stage drinks ventures to life

Our mission to become the go-to incubator for high-quality organic alcoholic drinks began with our own ambition: to deliver a premium grape-based take on some old favourites with Drylaw™.

Our journey was one of breaking down barriers in an industry mired in tradition, huge costs and red tape. Now we’re paving the way for entrepreneurs to breathe their own innovative spirit creations to life.

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Welcoming entrepreneurial spirits from 2024.

Partner with us for everything from bespoke recipe development to bottle creation, quality testing to certification, bottling, labelling, marketing, distribution and more. End-to-end service. Transparent pricing. Welcoming entrepreneurial spirits from 2024.